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A Note of Gratitude

This website could not have been possible without the work of the brilliant and generous minds who intersected, in some way, with the project through its almost three-year trajectory.  For the many of those who are not listed — but offered your thoughts, suggestions, and best wishes throughout this journey, nonetheless — know that I do recognize and appreciate your contributions as well. Thank you all!!

— Rob  

Luke Langridge (Welsh Valley Web/Infuze Group)

Chief Coder for the Site

Luke was the chief coder who oversaw the majority of the development, functionality, and design of the website through its immense almost-three-year journey from just a few months after materialization. Luke first entered the project as an associate coder over at Infuze Group (now Digital Edge), where he was introduced to me by their CEO, Scott Purslowe. He has since gone on to create his own company, Welsh Valley Web, another Velo-certified agency specializing in custom-built Wix websites. Luke is responsible for curating and/or refining much of the proprietary design and functionality present in my site: the infrastructure of a searchable and assignable series of music in my Catalog, the reworking of my "About" page to be more easily editable with HTML elements on the backend, the proprietary "multi-state" structure of each page of the site (which in itself carries a wealth of work from each page), the unique sorting features present on much of the website, the on-prompt malleable C.V. viewer option between front-end states, the creation of several new pages that behave identically... the list can go on and on. Luke and I shared many Zoom calls — tackling a project on an average of once every two weeks for, let's say, 18 months. Through each of the endeavors we embarked on together, we would touch base on what needed to be done over email, Whatsapp, or Zoom (depending on the severity or scope of the task at hand).

Crucially, I knew Luke would be fully autonomous and not needing of much verbal maintenance nor reminding. He was able to meet deadlines and maintain tabs on several concurrent projects, which is an incredibly important detail to me when I need to work with someone closely for a long period of time. The minute I had another project for him to work or expand upon, I knew I would hear back from him within a short amount of time, and I would connect him to the project with gre