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27 Inflections — for piano (R. Buonaspina)
  • 27 Inflections — for piano (R. Buonaspina)

    SKU: GMC202012CS27I

    This is a piano piece I wrote to accompany a vision I had for the front page of my website. Thanks to the wonderful artistry of Linnea Lieth, she interpreted a handful of the "Inflections" and designed a series of rotating vector graphics, in various colorways, that were inspired by the music. The comprehensive "composition" is now a handful of "inflections" for the piano that interact in sequence with the user as they navigate my home page.

    Each inflection is meant to be super sporadic, meaningless in duration, timbrally obvious and flashy, and fully up to the discretion of the performer. There are times where there is obvious motivic development, and there are times when what one is playing feels entirely anachronistic to what came before it. This is intentional and is a reflection of the sense of transience that accompanies often the commodified attention span of a user. Each "inflection" is meant to last only 1.5 seconds long at most, which illustrates the silliness of the concept in its entirety: that short, flashy events "make or break" one's engagement with another's art and is the sole agent that inspires their willingness to pursue further.


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